Definition of the Project

The hospital wants to establish a digital video documentation for the OR to record vido-clips and still-images from the used equipment.

The following equipment is used:

  • Endoscopy with HD-compatible camera-head
  • Microscopy
  • C-Arm
  • OR-light camera

The required documentation-system should be capable to integrate these camera-sources, record video-clips and still-iamges and export the media to the central image-management system (PACS). The patient-data should be imported from the central HIS.

The system should be easy to use and will be installed inside the OR with a minimum of cabling.


Goals of the Solution

  • Easy to use
  • Manufacturer independent in terms of camera systems used
  • Solution must fully integrate with existing image management system (based on the radiological PACS)
  • Clinical users shall use their existing access-mechanism to the PACS, no extra client shall be used



HCI Capture+HD is the optimal solution for this project. The compact system can be installed inside the OR on a spring-arm or on the central-ceiling unit. The camera-sources will be connected to the system with the following signals:

  • HD-SDI (Endoscopy)
  • S-Video (Microscopy)
  • C-Arm (Composite Video)
  • OR-Light camera (Component Video)

All camera-sources are connected at their best providing quality. The signal of the endoscopy will be recorded in HD-quality (1920x1080) all other camera-sources are only providing SD-Signals, so their signals will be recorded in SD-quality (720x576).

Before the surgery starts, the OR-team will select the proper patient-data at the touch screen. Capture+ HD is requesting the scheduled patient-list via standarized DICOM-Worklist from the central HIS.

When the surgery is done, the OR-team can review the recorded images and is also able to edit the recorded videos. After that the recorded media will be exported (tagged with the patient-data) via DICOM Strorage to the central image management (PACS).

From that point, the video-clips and images can be reviewed with every PACS-Client inside the hospital.