HCI easyCapture

HCI easyCapture workstation is a professional medical documentation system for recording still images and videos in the operating or examination room.

An integrated videoconferencing and streaming module allows immediate second opinion conferencing or high-resolution live transmission into the seminar room and lecture hall.

easyCapture is designed for mobile endoscopy video carts as well as surgical camera systems from almost all manufacturers and handles the acquisition of still images and videos. As usual, the surgeon controls the system via the endoscopic camera head or foot switch.



Fault tolerant concept, no waiting time for data transmission at the end of intervention

In minimally invasive surgeries, mobile video carts in the operating room are usually only switched on for as long as they are needed for the procedure. Conventional video documentation systems, however, require a certain amount of time to send video recordings in full HD or 4K resolution via the network to the PACS or Vendor Neutral Archive. If the mobile video cart is switched off during data transmission, for example because the OR needs to be cleaned, the recordings do not reach at all or only incompletely the archive.

This is exactly where easyCapture comes in. The system already sends the video recordings to the ASMIS server in the background while the intervention is still ongoing. There is no waiting time at the end of the procedure and the OR schedule is not slowed down. easyCapture ensures the availability and integrity of the data even in the event of usage faults, e.g. in stressful situations.


Live videoconferencing and streaming

easyCapture comes with an integrated video conferencing and streaming module. Thus, obtaining a second opinion or the high-resolution live transmission into the seminar room and the lecture hall is now easy and hassle-free. The easyCapture conference module bridges the gap between the OR video network and the existing clinic intranet. The physician who wants to connect live to the OR e.g. from his office, can do this with his existing equipment such as PC, tablet or smartphone and does not need any special hardware or software. The entire operation and low-latency video viewing is completely web-based. The software offers two operating modes: A video stream for viewing the current camera signals and an interactive video conference with bi-directional video and audio connection. 


  Integrated into the hospital-wide image management
Fact: In most hospitals, image and video management is not part of the digital workflow. Videos and images are stored on separate servers or on CD/DVD. easyyCapture extends the digital workflow within the hospital. Patient data can be imported at the touch of a finger from the existing HIS or OR management system. The system already sends the video recordings to the ASMIS server in the background while the intervention is still ongoing. The advantages are obvious: a seamless workflow and cost reduction by reducing the need for printing, archiving and transporting conventional patient records. Medical staff can focus fully on patient care, and not on manually moving data.
  Flexible video and interface support
easyCapture supports the latest video standards. Medical camera sources can be connected to the system either via analogue signal (composite video, S-video, component video) or via digital signal (SDI, HD-SDI, HDMI). The system supports video signals in SD and HD quality (up to 1080p60), optionally also on two channels, i.e. from 2 sources simultaneously.
  Easy to use
The system is very easy to operate via touch screen, neither keyboard nor mouse are required. The system user interface can be adapted to the needs of the hospital. Developed in close cooperation with doctors and nurses, easyCapture optimally supports the workflow within the OR and offers easy operation even for the inexperienced user.
Certified medical grade product with fan less design
The housing is completely protected against liquids and dust according to the IP65 standard, and is certified according to the international medical device standards EN60601-1 and EN60601-1-2.
  Easy installation
The easyCapture touchscreen is mounted directly on the equipment cart slot rail of the mobile endoscopy or microscope video system via the supplied monitor swivel arm.

  Service concept
Our service concept includes all software updates that are required for smooth operation and support for future medical IT standards. If desired, we also offer a remote maintenance service from our support team as well as customer-specific adaptation of the user interface.