About HCI

HCI Healthcare Integration is an independent provider of IT solutions for hospitals and the healthcare industry. The HCI team has more than 15 years of experience in healthcare IT and as a provider of customized solutions, especially for media and archive integration in clinic-wide non-radiological image documentation.

We work manufacturer independent, in close cooperation with providers and integrators of medical hardware and software. We understand how medical professionals work and process their requirements in customer-specific IT solutions. We integrate already existing and planned medical technology, especially surgical imaging, into the existing image and data management system and image distribution of the hospital.


HCI's solutions are always compatible with already existing systems and archiving concepts in hospital IT.

 We offer services and solutions for:

- Hospitals and medical care centers

- Hospital planners, IT- and biomedical departments

- Manufacturers of medical devices that need to be integrated into the existing IT workflow

- OEM partners with specially adapted products and services