Quality assured printing into PACS systems
HCI Print-to-PACS permits a quality-assured printing of documents from any application over worklists in a PACS as DICOM PDF objects. By its own printer driver, the document conversion is made directly into PDF format.
Subsequently, this newly generated PDF document can be linked to patient data and then sent as
DICOM PDF object to a PACS.

  DICOM Support
With Print-to-PACS you are able to transmit documents as DICOM PDF objects from any
application to the central PACS server. The documents will be converted to the PDFformat
via its own printer-module. The generated PDF-documents can be linked to the
patient-data and transmitted to the central PACS server as DICOM objects.
  Printer Device Driver
HCI Print-to-PACS provides a dedicated device driver which is used to print documents
from any application and transfers the document as DICOM object to the central PACS
system. Only four steps are necessary:
First step: Select the Print-to-PACS printer driver
Second step: Print the document
Third step: Select the patient data (either via DICOM worklist or by entering the patient
data manually)
Fourth step: Transfering the document to the PACS system
  DICOM Worklist
HCI Print-to-PACS supports the digital workow inside the hospital. Patient data can be
entered manually in the frontend or easily be imported via the DICOM worklist from
existing or planned studies. This feature allows adding documents to existing studies
as new series.
  Quality Management
The explicit combination between the patient data and the documents fulllls an
essential criteria of the quality management inside the hospital. Print-to-PACS allows
the hospital to link important documents to the electronic patient le. This means a
better workow inside the hospital, since the documents can be easily be found in the
PACS system.


Supported DICOM services:
- DICOM Storage (SCU)
- DICOM Basic Modality Worklist Service (SCU)
- DICOM Query Retrieve Service Class (SCU)

Supported Operating Systems:
- Windows 10 / Windows Server 2012 / 2016 / 2019